Design, photography and film, Camille has obtained his first academic degree in graphic design and shortly after pursued his film studies in Montreal, Canada. Born in Bergen New Jersey, he would embark on a journey of learning and experiencing diverse cultures that enrich the intellectual mind through discovery and expansion.

A symbol that may be seen by the eyes, perceived by the mind and interpreted by the self is a visual communication that is transmitted by any media. Whether through a graphic, still or a moving image, the intent is expressed diversely. 

Camille's first involvement was through his learning and working experience in french Canadian film making. He initially took his first intern job as behind the scenes Videographer. Soon after, he was responsible for various positions in the film structure from PA to Grip, Lighting, Camera and Editing. In 2014 he moved back to the U.S. this time traveling further west, Los Angeles! 

Earlier in the year of 2015 he was commissioned to produce & direct a short biography documentary that was screened at an honoring event.

Camille also designed the title and artwork for "A Tricky Treat" a film by Multi-award winning filmmaker Patricia Chica.

Some of the recent graphic work including "productions" Logos & film artwork.

He is currently producing modeling & commercial photography.







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